30 Oct 2014

This Time Last Year.

I was overdue. 

I had an elective section planned for 31st. 

This was the last possible day I could go into labour naturally. 

I was excited. I knew whatever happened. Tomorrow baby would be here. We would meet him, see the little one, hold him, snuggle him. I would have two boys. I would be a mummy to kids. I would have a newborn again. I would be learning to juggle to two. I would be thrown back into the world of night wake up and nappy changes. I was packed and prepared. I was going to make the most of my last day just with one boy. I held my big boy tight, told him I would always love him and always be there for him no matter what. I cried the odd tear. I knew this would be a change for him too. I wanted him to still be happy and still feel loved. 

By the evening, once M had been dropped off and inlaws, and K had come home. I was a mess. An emotional scared mess. I knew that tomorrow I was about to be cut open, I was going to be having surgery. I cried and cried. What if things went wrong. What would happen. Would I be strong enough. I double, triple checked bags, I set alarms. I took my tablets. Had my last meal. Knowing that tomorrow. Things would change. 

I now know. It was for the SO MUCH better. 

27 Oct 2014

Love last week #20

1// getting bread dough to rise! I actually did it. 2// and managed to bake bread rolls with it that everyone ate! 3// getting to spend some one on one time with the pickle on a Monday is rather special. 4// coffee date with my boss. Winning 5// some times things just make up smile. Even at 7.30am while rushing from one drop off to another 6// awesome school photo proof from the big! 7// frankenblanket is down. It's not amazing, perfect or normal really. But it's done. It's big. And it has a border. 8// cuddles with the nephew and N. All good. 9// kids birthday parties are never high on my list of happy! But watching big play nicely, listen, take part in games and take turns. That's winning. 10// we have a wide circle of family and friends. And some we don't see regularly even with living close to each other. So making time to see each other and eat cake. That's all good. 

26 Oct 2014

What's on the menu? #2

Last week pretty much to plan. I didn't manage the coconut flapjacks. But did whip up a favourite chocolate traybake of ours by the pink whisk. This cake is quick, moist and yummy. I also did some successful bread baking. I have tried numerous times and i have failed every single time. But I did it. I made bread (a special devoted post will be coming soon. My week has been busy busy.) 

Favourite meal from last week : the sticky pork and noodles. It was delicious. 

Kitchen fail : the mash and cabbage I did on Monday. I mixed them together and I was not so keen. 

Moving on. This week. 

Sunday // we have a few friends calling round today. So chocolate cake, nibbles from the oven and wine will probably be the menu.

Monday // lamb shanks, mash and veg. Think I'm gonna give these a whirl in the slow cooker. 

Tuesday // my mum picked us up a tray of some ready seasoned Moroccan chicken with apricots and lemon from waitrose. So it will be that and some rice for our supper. 

Wednesday // fish pie. (With leftover mash from Monday!)

Thursday // meatballs. With cous cous for M and pasta for everyone else. M has a complete dislike of pasta in any shape or form. 

Friday // BIRTHDAY TEA PARTY. my little pumpkin shall be turning one. So a little tea party with his brother, cousin and nanny and auntie.


Death by chocolate cake on Sunday. And Friday baking little man a little cake - his nanny is making the special one for his party at the weekend. 

Breadsticks. !! We shall see. 

20 Oct 2014

Love last week #19

This week has really felt like autumn!

1// progressing to mid day milk from a cup. 
2// my crazy boy got a couple of rewards this week and he just loves figures. 
3// i casted off a very old knitting wip. Just in time for chilly days coming. 
4// school run selfies with my crazy. 
5// it's hard for hubby during he week. He leaves early gets home late from work. The boys love cuddles with their dad. 
6// sock one done. Just the other one to the pair to go. 
7// my boys wake early. A little too early at times. But Saturday morning mean pjs and cuddles instead of rushing out the door. 
8// their friendship is developing. They are playing together more. And N is turning into a right climber. Great. 
9// our park is lovely. 
10// love that he gives me cuddles. 

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