4 Apr 2014

Getting my craft on.

 As per usual I have a few projects on the go. Nothing like keeping you busy hey?
L-R Clockwise

1. Blanket in Robin Candy floss - knitting a garter stitch square to be edged in cream for my nephew. Using this Purl Bee pattern as the reference/inspiration. // 2. Centrique Lace shawl (my first lace project!) I am struggling a bit with this and have gone wrong a few times but I am plodding on. // 3. Gum Stripe Socks. I love knitting socks something about the small needles and tiny stitches. This is bit different to a basic vanilla sock but still straightforward enough to pick and put down. // 4. my Crochet mood blanket - which has taken a bit of back seat. But i am determined to at least finish a large square blanket for 2014 - it just might not be as big as i thought. too much pressure to go back and catch up. Crafting should be fun. I am using the Granny Square pattern from Little tin bird. // 5. Once Upon a Time cross stitch sampler. Which I am enjoying  - love the designs.

2 Apr 2014

What I wish I knew....

When starting a family. When being pregnant. When becoming a mum. When becoming a mum of two.

* that when buying things for yourself you will feel guility. And work out in your head what you could of bought the kids instead. 

* that a relaxing evening now counts as both kids being in bed by 9 and managing to have a conversation with hubby before bed. 

* that being pregnant will be a huge rollercoaster of emotions and sleepless nights. However this will now be your normal life. 

* that sleeping in your own bed without a child next to you, on you or holding you will feel like a spa break. 

* that waking up without a child in your bed, next to you, holding you will cause you panic and you'll jump out of bed to go check they are ok!

* that you miss your children like crazy. Yet being back with them you remember why exactly you wanted 5 minutes peace. 

* that you will at some point catch your child's sick in your hand. 

* that you will be "so" pregnant when you drop things. You walk over them rather than pick them up. 

* that you will worry, feel guilty and stress a great deal of the time. 

* you will end up with a crazy amount of toys, books and various plastic crockery in your house. 

* you will pop extra chips in when cooking child's tea - that you will eat on your own. 

* you will sneak a treat in the kitchen, behind closed doors. So the child does not see.

* you will talk about poo more than you ever thought was possible.

*you will at times want to close the door and just cry.

*you will at some point fall asleep while reading the bedtime story.

*you will find out what local cafes offer good deals on kids lunches and which soft plays offer the best coffee.

*you will soon relax about making bottles, milk etc.

*you will be tired. This is normal.

*you will worry most of the time.

*you will learn to listen to your child. learn with them. 

* you will cry. You will feel rubbish. But you will mainly feel so lucky and loved. Most of the time at least.

For more tips, tweets and sharing have a look at the kiddicare What I Wish I Knew

1 Apr 2014

Happy Mothers Day

 My fourth mothers day as a mummy and it was lovely.

I'm not all about the lie in - but having hubby also at 6am was just as awesome.
 I got some lovely gifts - the my family cookbook which I have been eyeing up for ages - its basically a notebook to add in your family recipes, though it is beautifully bound, which gorgeous paper. I am in love. Plus a new pair of trainers.

As a break from the norm we bundled the kids up into the car and drove to Brighton for a bit. We had ice cream, took a walk, sat on the beach and had fish and chips. It was lovely spending time with the boys and having a wander. It was lovely and relaxed. M has so excited about being at the seaside which was a joy to watch - However he soon got wet from a wave, and with no spare shoes we have to take a detour to H&M - thank you for super cute and super price friendly trainers.

We even managed to visit both our mums as well - and home by 8! However we were all shattered from our little day out!!

31 Mar 2014

Weekend Box Review

(Or as I like it a box of activities I can turn to instead of googling what to do with my child now!)

We got sent this fab little box of fun to try out through the post from The Weekend Box Club. This pack of 4 activities to do with your little one was set up as he wanted to give his niece and nephew a gift that was fun to do but also not just another plastic toy to add to the ever growing pile of toys.

Each box will be delivered in a box which will fit through the letterbox (BONUS!) and includes contents to carry out 4 activities with your little ones. It includes something to make, something to cook, something to explore and something green.

The box has these 4 little characters and you get 4 paper bags of fun things, plus 4 cards telling you about the the activity. Plus there is stickers and certificate in there too.

Me and M sat down the other weekend and did the sound exploration cards which was great fun (turning straws into musical instruments! Who knew?)  And we also played the pot of gold game - Which was a simple game of using a mug, some pipe cleaners and some gold coins to throw into the mug.

We still have two more fun things to do - and as they come individual bags Ive been able to pop them into our "Kids craft box" ready to go.

I would recommend giving them a go! The boxes are £7.50 per box - which is the price of getting into a soft play round here!! Easily. Its Good fun to be had! If you fancy playing along I have a code where you can try your first box for free Your unique promo code is LEANNE20 and can be redeemed at www.weekendboxclub.com